Wednesday, April 23, 2008

THANK YOU for your support!

2008 Festival: A Community Success
The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center's Fifth Annual African American Film Festival was an amazing gathering of films, artists and community. We were all transformed in each others' company and moved by the power of cinema to bring us all closer together.

Art defines a person and a people. It effects all who participate. In 9 days, Langston's Film Festival ran the gamut from serious to funny, from fiction to reality, from short to long, from local to international, from first efforts to epics from seasoned masters. And the collective effect: we talked, we laughed, we cried, we cheered, we questioned, and we were together as a community.

A big thank you to all who made this event possible.
See you in September for the Underground Railroad Film Series.

1st prize - TIE: THIS IS THE LIFE, Ava DuVernay and PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL, Gini Reticker
Honorable mention - TIE: DEATH OF TWO SONS Directed by Micah Shaffer and produced by Alrick Brown and I’M THROUGH WITH WHITE GIRLS by Jennifer Sharp

1st prize: MORNING DUE by Barbara Allen
Honorable mention: SOMETHING IS KILLING TATE by Leon Lozano
Honorable mention: LALIBELA by Sentayahu Mengesha

1st place: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Eddie Smith
Honorable mention: WOMEN TOGETHER AS ONE by Gilda Sheppard
Honorable mention: YOKES AND CHAINS by Michael Lienau