Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oct. 13 Underground Railroad Film & Discussion Series: October 2010

The Underground Railroad, a project of the annual Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, is a fall - through -winter film and discussion series. Using the metaphor of a series of strategically located “Safe Houses” in Seattle neighborhoods, the Underground Railroad is a series of intimate screenings designed to build community across the aisle and across neighborhoods. Each Safe House along the trail brings forth a different provocative work about African American life, leading to ‘freedom’ at the annual Langston Hughes African American Film Festival in April. We are pleased to attract diverse audiences every year. All are welcome.

Dates and locations for all screenings are not yet confirmed; please visit our website, or our blog,, or call 206-326-1088 to listen to schedule updates.

October 13, 2009 at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center: MY FATHER THE LUO (USA/Kenya)
Tomasz Magierski, Dir

Suggested donation: $5/pay what you can

Synopsis: My Father the Luo is a film about finding one’s identity. The main character is Roma Ndolo, a young woman who grew up in Germany with parents from Poland and Kenya. She had always longed to find out more about her “African side” so she travels to her late father’s homeland. While there she recognizes the parallels between her own life and that of President Barack Obama. Each of their fathers were from the Luo tribe and Obama’s half sister is Roma’s family friend. This film was shot during the Democratic Convention in Denver 2008. Not surprisingly there is also historic footage of Senator Obama’s trip to Kenya in 2006.